Microsoft’s cooperate with SK Telecom exclusively for the launch of the Project xCloud in Korea

project xCloud

For quite some time and Microsoft is talking about its service base to host video games cloud Project xCloud, and is a service that will rival Google Stadia from Google via servers to Azure, which will be aimed at smart devices in the first when launched.

And has Microsoft confirmed that the first review of the year the service will be in the month of October next, and Microsoft chose South Korea to launch its service thanks to the quality of the evolving internet and communications, and to prove the efficiency of the service and show what they are able to do. The service will be launched exclusively in collaboration with the Korean telecom company SK Telecom.

And recall that the network connections 5G of this company’s ultra-high-speed and low-delay, as they have more than a million subscribers already. In addition, the choice of Korea is a strategy also, of being the fourth largest market for video games in the world.

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