Microsoft’s development of a detailed filled with liquid for the Surface folding

Surface Book 2

The discovery of patented new reveal to us about the ambitions of the company Microsoft for its dual screen. In the case if the forecasts are correct, it is expected that the Microsoft company detects a device the dual-screen in the event the Surface to be held in the month of October next, and this may explain why the company is working on the development of the joints of the used liquid to reduce the pressure on the screen flexible and collapsible. According to the invention, the liquid of the aforementioned working to fill the gaps around the screen flexible to help them move.

Offer patented Microsoft is an example of a device of this type with the interface of the two screen flexible OLED. Clarify the illustrations and also the complexity of the joint. However, it may be the most interesting is that the patent that had been registered by the department responsible for the licensing of patents at Microsoft, suggesting that Microsoft may license its partners.

Keep in mind that Microsoft is currently working with several hardware manufacturers, and that some of those companies are working on devices new dual screen running Windows Lite will be launched in the next year. Will these devices from your Surface to the dual-screen Microsoft’s next known currently by the name of the symbolic Centuraus, a device that is supposed to be leading and representing the beginning of the emergence of a wave of tablet/notebook hybrid with dual screens and folding of the partners.

This is all very exciting, this new patent makes us look forward eagerly to the event which will be held by Microsoft in the month of October next. Generally, we will cover the event to bring you the most important thing you’ll learn about the giant US software there.

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