Microsoft’s development of computer surface screen may be running Android apps

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Microsoft plans to launch tablet new series of computers Surface characterized by a different screen from the usual as it is equipped with a screen and more importantly that it may support running Android apps!.

The new machine speed under development for several months and no code name Centaurus will screen two of Measure 9 inches by the dimensions of the 4:3 is expected to launch during the first half of next year.

According to some sources, the new governor will work with the latest Intel processors to accurately manufacture 10 nm, which connections support the military the fourth and fifth.

As for the operating system is a new version of Windows called Windows Core OS will be lighter than the Windows standard is what makes it more suitable for tablet devices, it also supports devices with two screens, and it is likely that it will run Android apps.

This version of Windows is the same version that was released about the rumors recently under the name Windows Lite which is a watered-down version of Windows geared specifically for devices with technical specifications are weak or that protect the screen and many of them are Microsoft’s competition system Chrome.

In order to support the operation of Android applications, there is a big effort should be done by Microsoft, which first create a app store of its own and secondly to convince the developers to modify their apps to run without the need for Google but relying on alternative services from Microsoft such as Play Services.

Recall that Microsoft has reviewed its employees a prototype of a computer service screen. It is expected to hold a police press conference in October last special devices to the surface may reveal to us about the device or at least the operating system.

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