Microsoft’s development of hand control Xbox special needs

Microsoft’s new Xbox controller for accessibility

 Microsoft’s new Xbox controller for accessibility

Microsoft is working on the development of a hand control device to the Xbox exist for disabled people to get them to the gaming world.

According to the leaked image showing a piece of control large rectangular shape has two buttons to a huge two A and B with the directional buttons and other buttons are normal in the hands of formal verification in addition to the indicator light three, also have a large range of ports in the top that maybe can be used to connect with other devices to change the different functions within the Xbox.

And the new pieces separate external speakers and a USB port that can reset the buttons widget to use for different functions with the Xbox, whether within apps or games.

Worth noting that Microsoft will learn famous games E3 on the tenth of June next year is expected to officially reveal the new pieces and talk to us about the advantages and details of course, price and availability.


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