Microsoft’s increase is one of the best features of the Windows 10 update

Facing the company, Microsoft put up another update for the operating system Windows 10 of version 2004 for consumers and businesses, known as “Update May 2020”.

It seems that the software giant has removed some privileges, the main to own a copy not a home operating system, where it stopped is mainly the ability to delay the key updates until the 365 days.

The company has cut the amount of time that users can (Windows 10 Pro) and (Windows 10 Enterprise) and (Windows 10 Education) through the delay of the updates manually, 365 days to 35 days only, which is currently available for home users.

According to Microsoft, this change is intentional, as the company wants to prevent confusion so you can all devices running Windows 10 make the most of a change in the policies to install the updates which had been imposed in the past year.

Targeting the new political devices by issuing a major update approaching the end of its useful life, where is the update many of these devices only once per year, this means that if you haven’t updated for a while, regardless of the version of Windows you have, you will need to update.

The users of Windows 10, whether they are using versions of (Home) or (Pro), are able to turn off Windows updates temporarily until 35 days through the page to advanced options.

Extension of Microsoft in recent versions of Windows 10 this possibility by adding the option “Turn Off updates temporarily for up to 7 days” in the page (Windows Update) key, so that this option can be used five times in the total delay of the updates temporarily for a maximum period of 35 days.

While users can (Windows 10 Pro) and (Windows 10 Enterprise) and (Windows 10 Education) choose to postpone updates via the option “select a time to install updates” on page advanced options the same.

This allowed the option for users to install features and updates-quality by using timelines unique to each of them, so that they can postpone feature updates for up to one year, can be postponed updates quality for up to 30 days.

Apart from the time frames, the difference between these options and the possibility of pause the manual is that they are permanent and apply to any updates coming in the future.

But Microsoft removed via the 2004 version of Windows 10 feature the ability to postpone updates via the option of setting a time to install updates in the page options, advanced, and everyone owns Windows 10, regardless of the product version, possesses the options to delay updates itself for up to 35 days only.

The company was named at the time of the current privileged users by using the local group policy to re-enable the postponement of the update.

Microsoft said: If you want to continue to benefit from the delays, you can use the local group policy to determine when receipt of a copy of the preview updates and features to determine the time of receipt of updates quality, so that they can postpone updates quality up to 30 days can be postponed updates features even 365 days as it was before.

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