Microsoft’s increase the warning on browser third-party in Windows 10

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It was reported last week that Microsoft was warning users of the Windows 10 use browser third-party applications such as Google Chrome and Firefox. Clearer one of the users that saw a pop-up message when it tries to open the program to install the browser Firefox you Microsoft that browser Microsoft Edge the browser is ” safest and fastest ” for Windows 10. Police classified this message as a ” warning ” because it allowed users to choose Disable this warning by modifying the settings. It is now said that Microsoft decided to remove this warning for browsers the third party.

Why is monitoring this warning on a large scale, which suggests that the company was brewing it just. According to a new report released recently, it appears that Microsoft has decided to stop the process of testing this in the beta version the latest Windows 10.

I didn’t get this warning to appreciate the testers and those who read about it. After all, Google Chrome and Firefox are among browsers most commonly used at the global level, this warning that was Microsoft’s choice indicates that these browsers are not safe for users on Windows 10 in order to convince users to move to the browser Microsoft Edge. In fact, this warning doesn’t know the right message.

It is said that Microsoft does not plan to include this warning in Windows Update 10 October 2018 which will be released in two weeks. However, you may use the company in the Test pop-up messages similar in future updates.



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