Microsoft’s stringent security procedures in OneDrive and doubled storage space for the users

مايكروسوفت تشدد إجراءات الأمان في ون درايف وتضاعف المساحة التخزينية للمستخدمين

Microsoft has to provide more means of safety and security for users to maintain their important files, and the introduction of many safety features on its platform for cloud storage in our new plan that launched them(OneDrive Personal Vault).

Where requires access to the files saved within this mechanism to follow the custom type of authentication such as a passcode, an additional or fingerprint or through face recognition technology or through the application Authenticator from Microsoft.

Where the company seeks through this method to increase the confidence of users with the OneDrive cloud, by providing a safe, isolated place case for their documents is important such as digital passport or personal ID, Driving License, documents of sale and other.

Can attach digital documents, and documents directly to the wallet safe (Personal Vault) through the application of OneDrive itself, via the captured and scanned through the camera, as the app also provides transfer photos and videos directly similar to the product.

Also, Microsoft provides a feature to sync direct to the owners of Windows computers, 10 between encryption technology for BitLocker and their secure cloud, so they are asked to log in again to access the archives after 3 minutes of dormancy on the phone and after 20 minutes of web and tablet storage.

It is good features that provided by Personal Valult is not to save the wallet information in the cache in the browser (cache), when you resort by the user to open his files to the Cloud remotely by the devices other than the device main.

In terms of increased storage space for users Microsoft will in the coming period to double capacity for users; from 50 GB to 100 GB for the same price which is 2 $ per month without any additional fees.

It will be a joint Service Office 365 also able to increase the storage space cloud their subscriptions to 200 GB for additional cost of $ 2 per month, with another option to add a 1 Terra byte 10 bucks a month.

Come improve processes Microsoft this at a time when the means of security in cloud storage services is very important and the necessity of utmost importance to attract users, to see that the company has succeeded so far in the competition and widen the gap between them and their increase protection for files as well as provide options for more cloud storage to users.

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