Microsoft’s view that the broadcast by Project xCloud will give him access to the players in India and Africa

project xCloud

Project xCloud is a streaming service, cloud video games coming from the Microsoft Corporation of America and used the company’s servers Azure with to provide the server and equipment the Xbox to allow the user to play games remotely without even having to own any platform from the company.

In a meeting with Gamesindistry confirmed the Project xCloud head of Department of Xbox and games windows have of Microsoft, and one of the administrative rule of the company that he sees in the service a chance to reach an audience of gamers in India and Africa. In Africa there are 1.2 million people and the average age is 19 years, people know Fortnite and Halo and other titles in the law only to the spread of the product is very limited. The house which is owned by the people widely are smartphones running Android.

The same applies to India, there are more than 100 million people downloaded PUBG in India and the numbers are crazy, there are 2 million people playing video games around the world

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