Microwave smartphone from Amazon soon.

The competition between the assistants and artificial intelligence largest current Alexa of Amazon andGoogle account of Google make developments of their own going faster and faster and roll to the inside of the new products away from the smart phones and headsets smart. It seems that the upcoming products that will enable your assistants and artificial intelligence are computers, microwave, or as we can call them now devices microwave smart.

According to a new report company Amazon intends to issue a number of smart products in the markets during the coming months of the current year as if you will have the report the company is equipped to launch a number of devices that come with support for Amazon Alexa or Assistant artificial intelligence of the police is already installed which include these devices amplifiers and receiver (Recife) headphones large and private cars and other products including microwave smart.

The report said that Amazon would this step you’ll be on these products this month during a special event. Another report, of an agency’s research indicates that two-thirds of the people will are planning to buy a product smart home by the year 2019.

And did not answer Amazon question about the authenticity of this report which does not refer to anything where like the Amazon to keep their projects hidden for as long as possible. Surely there is no reason to stop the giant company from the competition of other businesses that believe smart products for kitchens and cars. A previous report also indicated that the company is working on a robot my house without disclosure of the details of this project.

And did not hide executive director of the Amazon and the richest people in the world currently is Jeff Bezos the company’s plan to make artificial intelligence assistant your Alexa in the first place before the Assistant Google, this definitely needs from Amazon to use their audience is huge and in the deployment of products that use the assistant Alexa to compete with a giant company like Google.

Sure, there might be responses from Google don’t know anything about it until now, but we anyway wait to see the creations of both of the two companies through this competition will be other companies also.

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