Mijia Quartz Watch is a smart watch hybrid of the company Mijia price


Sub-brand Mijia, a subsidiary of Xiaomi has just slide the curtain officially on the clock new hybrid under the name of Mijia Quartz Watch. As is the case with most smart watches, hybrid available in the market now, this new clock is an analog clock design similar to the design of a traditional watch, but at the same time includes a range of smart features.

This smart watch hybrid the new company Mijia will be perfect for those who love to use wrist watches of the classic but they don’t hate get some additional features. Generally, this watch has a simple design diameter reaches 40mm. Moreover, it includes the clock classic in the middle, hands the other secondary at the bottom.

For the clock the secondary at the bottom, they know the number of steps because the former includes a counter of the steps. She sets the time automatically, and the world, and has an interval notifications of calls in addition to the product. Given that it is a h hybrid does not have the touch-sensitive screen, you can prepared via the accompanying app on your smartphone.

The structure of the previous water and dust resistant so that you can this former hybrid carry water at depth of up to 30 meters. Besides, it includes a battery CR2430 support Bluetooth 4.0. Come Mijia Quartz Watch with three different colors include white, gray, black note that the latter includes what is called a pattern CD so that you can see the different style in direct sunlight.

When it comes to the price, it has explained the company Mijia that its smart new hybrid Mijia Quartz Watch will be 349 Yuan Chinese equivalent to 52 USD which makes it smart watch hybrid-cheapest in the market currently. Will begin the process to sell this hour in the day July 17 by a group of retail stores.



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