Million bitcoins Creator of bitcoin has offered to destroy. Why you need a robbery Satoshi Nakamoto?

The anonymous Creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto was the world’s first cryptocurrency miner. Almost ten years ago, the network of BTC was so few cars that they were able alone to produce hundreds of bitcoins per day. As a result, the wallets Nakamoto has accumulated about a million coins, which to this day lie motionless. That is the money from time to time become a cause of fierce disputes among cryptoendoliths. What is the problem?

Assume that Satoshi is still in perfect health and has sole access to their wallets. Some believe that if he suddenly decided to sell part of the accumulated coins, it will cause serious unrest in the industry and bring down the price of Bitcoin — because so many of them. CEO Paxful ray Yousef suggested a rather radical method of solving all disputes. To destroy coins of the Creator of Bitcoin.

Let’s Rob Satoshi!

About the authorship of over Bitcoin managed to declare dozens of people. To them including Craig Wright, the infamous Creator of the fork Bitcoin SV. Earlier, Wright repeatedly published documents according to which he allegedly really is the same Satoshi Nakamoto. As it turned out, all of his evidence were fakes. By the way, because of this he was called Factory.

Note that the real Satoshi Nakamoto could easily prove their identity by signing a message in the blockchain with the public PGP key with which he did it here. Previously, the Creator of Binance Chanpen Zhao rebuked Wright in an unsuccessful attempt to pretend to be the Creator of Bitcoin.

And now back to the current situation. Ray Yousef offers a very radical decision to burn all the coins in the wallets of Satoshi, so that his mysterious personality has caused unrest in the market. Therefore the holders do not have to be afraid deanonimizatsii Nakamoto and drain a large lot of coins — although this is unlikely to happen. Theoretically destroy the bitcoin Creator crypto-currencies really. Though in fact by the destruction of coins means moving them to the purse, which never again will be able to access.

Here’s the tweet, which has become a cause for dispute.

However, for performing such a procedure will need to reach consensus in the entire network of Bitcoin. In other words, the other members of the network should take the point of view of Youssef. And you would agree with such barbaric methods?

I believe that his proposed alternative — a complete farce for the sake of attracting attention to his person. First, to achieve consensus on burning impossible, because at least one tweet collected dozens of angry comments. Secondly, the idea of “destruction” of the identity of Nakamoto is absurd. Bitcoin has gained a reputation independent cryptocurrency partly due to its Creator. No one can find, to hurt or to kill Satoshi, so his project is also immortal.

By the way, here’s the address of one of the wallets Satoshi Nakamoto, where I went first with the first bitcoin block mined cryptocurrencies. Balance is 50.34469486 BTC or almost 511 thousand dollars at today’s exchange rate.

But laminarnye 50 BTC back in 2009. How long has it been.


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