Million players.. record the game Subway Surfers

If we talk about the size of the games industry of smart phones now, there’s a lot to be said, this industry has now become the size of a double game industry platforms and PCs combined, which confirms that the industry has become so huge. And here is a new record achieved by the industry in the world where we have succeeded the game Subway Surfers on to become game boys in the world that reaches a million downloads on the store Google Play.

What means million download on Google Play

She explained Kiloo the company responsible for the development of the game, mainly to account downloads be for each Google Account separate any that in the case of download game of At of device with the same Google Account, it counts as one, as in the case of downloading the game on more than one device accounts Google, that still means downloading two different even if they are the same person.

Said Jacob Muller Director. CEO of Kiloo developed the game next to the company SYBO, that this great achievement that occurs for the first time is the arrival of the game for track download on the Google Play Store for the first time in history comes after the efforts of the creative team, and are great to make history, as stated in the text of his statement.

Not or game of its kind but it is her achievement

Not the game Subway Surfers launched in 2012 is the first game of its kind on Android where already by the game Canabalt, but Subway Surfers has been able to achieve quick success to be reached for load test current. And in this game simply run to meet the trains, the police and others as you collect the coins, and the supernatural forces of the other.

Succeeded game simple graphics, own also to achieve the spread is huge, but it wasn’t expected to reach this limit anyway. It also notes the two companies to cooperate to project a future we don’t know the details.

It is not the intention of the two companies happily exploit the success of their game creating similar games or exploited more than necessary which is great as they learn from the past and from the mistakes of others so they don’t do as happened with the series Angry Birds.


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