Millions of Android phones hacked to work digital

Mining digital currencies take tons of processing power. In fact, in the case of bitcoin, the amount that can be spent on equipment and electric power needed to run that equipment will not lead in the end to achieve the revenue to cover the expenses! There are several digital currencies other next to bitcoin, with more profit, but the problem is the equipment and the cost of mining is HIGH, to head the mission to use the devices users around the world and employ them to their advantage. That’s exactly what he did to the Pirates of the millions of phones running Android through the Declaration of a malicious re-direct the user to web pages mined software malicious. And according to the report, it looks like I’m the AD leads to the download of malicious apps aimed at generating visits to the Web sites of malignancy also to the two digital currencies, and treatment processes was large due to the expansion of the target segment. The average time spent by a user on the sites malignant 4 minutes, while the sites used in the operation of more than 30 million visits per month. Smart phone users are not interested in securing their devices. For example, a study in 2017 indicated that 28% of smartphone users do not have a screen lock or security feature to prevent access to their phones. If the screen is locked, do you think that there will be any form of protection from malware? We recommend using Internet browsers that provide protection from the use of devices to assign digital currencies, such as the Opera browser, in addition to non-use of services and applications unknown. Source: Malwarebytes Read also:

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