Millions of companies counterfeit is available on Google Maps

Revealed a new report about a problem plaguing the service Google Maps is the inclusion of fake companies that offer different services, this problem up to millions daily!.

According to the Wall Street Journal it every day there are at least 11 million include the purchase of a fake on Google Maps. Most of those fictitious companies we find in the classifications of service such as electrical maintenance, plumbing, auto repair and others.

These companies are stealing the name, logo and address of a real company but she put her phone number so that related customer wishing to obtain their services, then implement them charge exorbitant prices inflated, that’s what I got already.

When the user searches for a company name or a particular service wants to find a company to show several results close from company Fake put the addresses adjacent to the addresses of real companies with data connectivity, also used for those companies fake ads to arrange for inclusion proposed by Google itself.

And through some experimentation in the search for a plumber in New York, there was 13 a fake company out of 20 the result of the search appeared on the map.

You think Google knows about this problem but they do reduce its importance because they represent a small percentage of the total number of companies actual included in the maps. In a study funded by the previously found that a half a percent of listed companies and sample the research was bogus and illegitimate.

And seek Google to fight this phenomenon, but the type to provide appropriate tools to users, such as reporting on the inclusion of any fake company to review them, and they wrote off 3 million fake company listed on its maps, as 90% of the cases of fraud in the listing of REO’s before they are reported.

Not only to write off companies and the fake, but also removed the 150 thousand users abusing the service, and to invent new tools for reporting suspicious companies in the maps.

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