Miners in: Hasrat of Bitcoin began to rise again

The network of Bitcoin is gradually recovering from the shocks that occurred during the second half of 2018. We will remind, from-for falling of the cryptocurrency below $ 6000 Hasrat Bitcoin has experienced three serious decline just a couple of months. Fortunately, now the situation is gradually getting back to normal and business is back previously lost power.

Is now mine Bitcoin?

In December, we wrote about another mass departure of the miners — then, Hasrat main cryptocurrency fell by as much as 7 percent in just 24 hours. Some opponents of Bitcoin immediately declared that the project is on its way down the “spiral of death”.

The last recalculation of complexity put everything in its place — now it has approached the value that was in the beginning of December. According to the service Blochchain.com total hashrate of bitcoin has come close to the level of 40,2 gigamesh.

Do not forget about the importance of those recalculations of difficulty. Thanks to them, the system works equally smoothly in almost any capacity connected miners. The drop in difficulty it was possible to earn good money in December, provided that Asimov are very cheap outlet. Read more about the complexity of the mining of cryptocurrencies read here.

However, even the December “temporary difficulties” can not affect the overall picture — from January 2018, Hasrat Bitcoin has increased about 2.5 times. Yes, the popularity of cryptocurrencies has not affected even a bear market and a massive withdrawal of funds from the capitalization of the industry.

Source: CCN

It is too early to speak about full-fledged return of all those who were knocked out of the market due to the fall in the profitability of the business. However, the fact remains that Bitcoin is alive, mining is still profitable, and the prospects of the year are increasing every day.

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