Ming Chi Kuo reveals roadmap for Apple in 2019

When it comes to the leaking of Apple’s hardware plans, the company does not have a source more credible than the analyst, the famous Ming Chi Kuo reliable are often in relation to news company of America year after year.

This time say Ming-Chi Kuo about what Apple do in the year 2019, where the company will for three iPhones, one of which will be 3 cameras with sensor ToF and improvements on the technology of facial recognition Face ID colors new all port Lightning used for Taipei C.

Also going to be the Apple TV from your iPad 9.7 inch and the iPad Mini with a iPad processor better and on the previous Apple will expand the spread of the feature of the ECG for electric diagram to after obtaining the necessary permits.

The new generation of headset Apple AirPods2 also in the works and will be unveiled in the month of March next, where I got the heavens on a lot of leaks and the length of the last few days.

Hand computers will be Apple TV on MacBook Pro the size is 16.5 inch, with limbs too thin for the company and the memory of random size of 32GB and maybe a screen size of 31 inches accurately 6K.


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