Mini Cooper SE is the first electric model in full, will be classes in the month of March next year

bmw mini Cooper se electric

Enjoy the car Mini Cooper small Great fame all over the world. It was a new prototype of this car works completely electrocuted about two years ago and it became clear at that time that BMW was considering launching electric version fully of this car. Having said that, the German company tradition today detects on the Mini Cooper SE, which is the first version of the Mini Cooper famous work with electricity, it is estimated that up to energies in the month of March next year.

The final design of the car Mini Cooper SE don’t like the design that we’ve seen in the prototype introduced by our company two years ago, it is much like a traditional design duo doors which is not necessarily a bad thing. I kept the BMW design elements iconic of the Mini Cooper, So you will feel that the electric version the new does not differ much from the traditional version of the current, at least on the surface.

Will BMW provide a car Mini Cooper SE new engine electric strongly 135 kW, the equivalent of 181 horsepower, allowing it to move from 0 to 62 miles per hour within 7.3 seconds. This will be the car is capable of reaching a top speed of 93 miles per hour. This will be a fast car thanks to 199 lbs of torque.

Will be the distance that a car can Mini Cooper SE of new pieces by a single charge is limited, although they only contain card strongly 32.6 kWh. This car can be cut a distance ranging between 124 and 144 miles before needing a recharge, which means that the Mini Cooper SE New suitable for those who wish to drive a car in the city instead of driving on long trips, but if you don’t mind stopping repeatedly to charge it.

Before conclusion, we would like to point out that he can now order a car Mini Cooper SE electric new for 24400 £ in the UK, which is equivalent to 30 thousand approximately USD based on current exchange rates.

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