MiniLITE Segway: Segway now suitable for children

Although the weather and does not hint at the imminent arrival of warming the frost back down reluctantly, and the snow not even thinking to melt, spring is still approaching. In this regard, it is worth considering the means of transportation and entertainment for the spring and summer season. And it could be the same device.

People say: “Prepare sleighs in summer”, and we together with our friends from the store lamobile decided to alter this saying and study in detail new Segway winter to summer was what to drive.

The product is made familiar to our readers format. We have already talked about Ninebot Mini Pro and Xiaomi Mijia Ninebot Mini Plus. These devices were easy to manage, though, and I’ve tried a little getting used to, especially on the street at speeds close to maximum. Nevertheless, their positive emotions, they are able to give, and we still sometimes ride them in the Studio to relax.

What’s new in Segway miniLITE

The main external difference from earlier models is the lack of fin and other additional structures in the middle part. Due to this legroom is larger and the design becomes more minimalist. Earlier in this area were the LEDs and the power button, and now they moved into the base.

In addition to moving some of the elements of the rest was generally abandoned. Now under the rubber pads for the feet there is no sensors that determine the presence on them of the person. On the one hand, it looks like the cheaper designs, but this feeling is deceptive. Sensors were removed in order that it could drive the children from six years old and not only people with weighing more than 20 pounds. In older models this was problems. The device did not understand that it is a child, and on the go it can be disable or set to manual control.

The maximum speed of the Segway miniLITE is 16 km/h after training and running, component of one kilometer. While these conditions are not met, the maximum speed will be limited for reasons of security.

On one charge you can drive 18 km and a full charge takes only three hours. This is enough even to every day to get on this mode of transport to work. Many of our subscribers in the previous reviews have confirmed that doing so and they love it.

The weight of the device has become smaller and is now only 12 pounds. However, the weight limit is only 80 pounds. This is less than, for example, Ninebot Mini Pro.

The power of the motors is 350 WATTS on each wheel. This is enough to overcome a small rise or ride over a speed bump. And the rain is very useful protection against water according to the standard ip54.

Especially pleased that, unlike our Ninebot Mini Pro, in the design of the Segway by a handle that allows comfortable to carry. Now in the knee emphasis, crowning rod, there are two knobs that need for a comfortable move through major obstacles.


Who went to such transport, knows how he works. To begin the movement, is enough to bend in the direction of planned movement, and the motors will pick up the necessary acceleration to compensate for this tilt. Need to rotate the knees to tilt the Central rod in the direction of the planned turn or reversal.

Rod low and has no height adjustment, as in conventional models of Ninebot Mini, but set it quite soft and makes it comfortable to use this means of transportation even for children and people of small stature.

Segway for kids is especially great because it is easy to operate and it not only has a built-in system of training for skiing, but when you connect to the special application allows you to limit the maximum speed. In addition to speed limits, the app allows you to customize the type of lighting in the back, you look at the statistics of riding and lock the device to ensure that it is not stolen.

Illumination can not only flashing or illuminates, but the display of manoeuvres by car. When braking it lights red, and turning light will flash yellow on the side where there is a rotation.

What is the main plus?

One of the most important differences miniLITE Segway from the previous versions is that it is officially sold in Russia and has a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. It is important, given the cost of the device is equal to 23 000 rubles. Although it is not so much on the background of peers from “no name”brands, who are asking not much less, but offered a product of substantially lower quality.

There are two simple ways to make sure that you buy a Ninebot original miniLITE. You can check the serial number (IMEI) of the device at this link. You can also download the official app Segway-Ninebot from the App Store or Google Play and try to connect to the device. If the connection is established, the MiniLITE is really made at the plant Ninebot.

Buy Segway miniLITE in the store lamobile, about which we have been repeatedly told, but continue to do so, because they can always find high-quality accessories at a low price.

Buy Segway miniLITE

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