Minimize the use of the phone to prolong your age!

Indicate a growing body of evidence suggests that the time we spend on our smart phones interferes with our sleep and our respect for our relationships and that our extension of the attention, creativity, productivity and problem-solving skills and decision-making, but there is another reason more compelling to rationalize the use of phones and electronic devices.

Through chronically high levels of the hormone cortisol, which is secreted when stress the body, can for phones that are dangerous to health and even shorten our lives.

Was the above discussions illustrate the effect of the phones on the dopamine responsible for the formation of habits and addiction, especially after we see the tricks followed by the designers of applications to make the user addicted. But may be the effects of the phones on the cortisol more disturbing.

Longer cortisol hormone essential in the positions of control and escape, the first cause changes in ecology, such as mutations in the blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar, which helps us to respond to threats to physical overcome.

This means that cortisol may cause in saving the lives of our positions are rare, such as being attacked by a monstrous animal. But the same hormone secreted during exposure to stressors emotional also, and like the message indignant by the director.

And use the phones for long hours a day generates a feeling of always commitment, what generates pressure personal, non-intentional, “is what’s causing the high cortisol levels as long as the phone is in reach of the user’s hands whenever you hear or think you heard,” said David Green – professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Connecticut and founder of the Center for internet addiction and technology, this “normal response to stress, and the body’s natural response is a desire to move from the phone to avoid tension”.

Control of the phone to relieve stress may lead it works for a second, but long term it is harmful to health, the more you lose the phone likely to find what hump you, causing a rise in cortisol levels, and therefore are looking for a spa and another to provide tension; and when the state consistently leads to high levels of cortisol chronically.

It has been linked to high cortisol levels and chronic increase in the incidence of serious health problems, including depression, obesity, and metabolic syndrome and diabetes Type II issues-fertility, high blood pressure, heart attacks, dementia and stroke. And”every chronic disease we know is exacerbated by stress,” says Dr. Robert Lawson treatment, professor emeritus in pediatric endocrinology at the University of California.

In addition to the health consequences of potential long-term, the pressures and the use of smart phones may affect us in ways that threaten our lives immediately; the high cortisol levels of chronic lead vulnerability of the prefrontal cortex responsible for self-restraint and prudence, and therefore the underestimation of self-restraint during the presence of a strong incentive to use the phone to reduce stress, it can lead to make serious decisions on our lives, such as texting while driving.

The good news is that we can break the cycle of anxiety and reduce the level of cortisol, and thus improve the condition of our health in the long term, the Prevention of hasty decisions are dangerous, and begin the first steps to turn off the app notifications unless necessary, and then get rid as much as possible of the applications that are causing a feeling of stress when using them, whether it’s the stress my body or tension.

Place regular effective way to chemical balance of the body, but it may not be easy, especially that the design of the devices and applications aimed at making the user addicted, as we mentioned.

Source: New York Times

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