Mining Bitcoin brings record profits for the year. And in Russia?

Profit miners of Bitcoin peaked in the last 10 months — all due to the rapid growth of the main cryptocurrency. Now it is trading at 8051 dollar. Even in the last week the value of Bitcoin grew by 10.1 percent.

According to the, the total value of all mined BTC in one day reached 17.8 million dollars. Two days ago, the miners received the largest amount over the last 10 months of 17.89 million dollars, including the fee for the transaction. We will remind, before the beginning of April, the average daily income of mining in the world amounted to $ 7 million. That is two and a half times less.

Include asik at full capacity

In November last year, the business of mining Bitcoin has faced perhaps the most seriesanime difficulties for all time of the bearish trend. Then, the cryptocurrency fell to $ 3,100. This forced many miners to remove their equipment, to somehow cover their costs.

Source: Blockchain

After the gradual growth of the Bitcoin to $ 4,000 mining centers with the most favorable tariffs for electricity were able to stay afloat. In early April, the cryptocurrency has made its way above $ 5,000, so the income of miners has increased dramatically.

Incidentally, the most famous people in cryptomodule talking about the continuation bullrun. For example, the main analyst of Fundstrat Tom Lee in April announced the final completion of the bearish trend.

The situation with mining in Russia

Seriously planning to engage in mining? Move to Irkutsk oblast! Here electricity rates fluctuate around 1 ruble per kilowatt. Based on the current value of Bitcoin and the presence of good the power grid can make a profit even with the old models Antminer. For example, here are the results for Antminer S15.

Source: WhatToMine

However, it is necessary to take into account the price of the equipment. In Russia Bitmain ASIC-miners will not send, so you should look for the ads.

Incidentally, the local miners have only recently begun to connect their asik to the network, as the profitability of the business in may for the first time in a few months, rose above zero. According to our sources, its the device they shut down on December 7 against the background of falling of course. Now the situation has changed so that ASIC is back in the network.

In General, to 7000 dollars for Bitcoin in General made no sense to us to include them, Yes.

The same applies to owners of industrial tariffs. In this case the exceptions are the happy owners of free sockets. For them, BTC mining will always be profitable.

If there is no Asimov, but there are graphics cards, visit our mining pool 2Miners. Questions about configuring hardware, you can ask in cryptodata of hontarov.


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