Mining company Genesis Mining potrollila Buffett’s criticism of Bitcoin

In early may, investor Warren Buffett once again criticized Bitcoin, calling it rat poison. According to him, the value of a coin depends on the demand of investors, so criptural has become “a convenient tool for charlatans.” Now came the turn to criticize the Buffett. The staff of Genesis Mining placed under the Windows of his office the Billboard with an inscription on the erroneous opinion of the investor.

Supporters of Bitcoin against critics

Shares the authors quote the words of the founder of Berkshire Hathaway, said at a meeting of shareholders of the company. It is reported by CCN.

Buffett: I was wrong about the futility of Google and Amazon.

Genesis-Mining: maybe you’re wrong about Bitcoin?

According to the representative of the mining company, the event marks the beginning of large-scale expansion in Iceland. Genesis Mining plans to open in the country a few large farms mining of cryptocurrency.

Genesis Mining previously held the action “the bankers against Bitcoin” the cryptocurrency during a Consensus conference in 2018. The people in the suits, similar to bankers, shouted slogans against Bitcoin and digital money. According to the company, the organizers wanted to demonstrate how banks behave towards cryptocurrency.

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