Mining “live” on the GPU all?

It is no secret that in the world today with the prices of graphics cards are all very bad, and accessibility problems. Of course, the budget cards are everywhere and at almost normal prices but we’re not interested in them.

For example, on Amazon for the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti asking 1000-1100 dollars and above. The recommended price of 700 bucks? No, not heard.

Last year was a situation that lasted about six months, after which prices went down. However, with the introduction of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies shortages and wild price back. And analysts were inclined to believe that before next year the normalization is not expected.

However, gamers have a hope… and the miners are the reason of nail biting. According to sources, the company Bitmain has already developed ASIC (integrated circuit special purpose) intended exclusively for the production of Ethereum cryptocurrency. As we know, “ether” the most popular among the miners using graphics cards.


As soon as the system on the basis of such ASIC will be put into operation, the efficiency of mining “live” on the GPU will begin to decline, and eventually it will lose all meaning, as in his time happened with bitcoin. The supply ASIC will begin in the second quarter. However, initially they will be limited as Bitmain will leave the lion’s share of chips for their needs, but it does not last long, and soon the market is flooded with special miners for “ether”. But that’s not all. Sources say that at least three other companies are developing similar ASIC.

In General, expect to see the price drop on graphics cards and massive sales of the adapters from the farm?

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