Mining on an Nvidia GTX and GTX 1660 1660 Ti. How many bring card and how long pay off?

The history of the line graphics cards GeForce 16ХХ began in late February of 2019 with the launch of GTX Ti 1660. Later it was replenished by the normal version GTX GTX a simplified 1660 and 1650. The series to win the primary market segment, which does not affect the flagship line of RTX. Today we will understand is it worth to buy GTX 1660 and 1660 Ti for mining and how many you can expect to profit.

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Why GTX 1660 and 1660 Ti

We chose these models of video cards for two reasons. First, they are relatively new, and since the advent of devices in the sale it was not so much time. Second, the yield calculator mining WhatToMine incorrect heraty — that is, the performance of graphics cards. Users of the pool 2Miners couldn’t get the correct projected income and complained about it in our chats.

So we did two things:

  • learned real hesreti the miners;
  • gathered them in a succinct table together with other graphics cards and algorithms.

We recommend you to add a table to bookmarks. If you a miner or are planning to start digging for coins, she will definitely need.

Heraty Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 and 1660 Ti

For convenience, enumerated heraty cards for different algorithms. Start with the GTX 1660 6 GB.

Ethash — 27 Mh/s;
MTP — 1.5 Mh/s;
Equihash 144.5 — 35 Sol/s;
Equihash 150.5 — 14 Sol/s;
X16R — 16 Mh/s;
Grin Cuckarood 29 — 4 Gps;
CuckooCycle — 3.5 Gps;
BeamHash — 24 Sol/s;
CryptoNightR — 520 h/s.

But data on 1660 GTX Ti 6 GB.

Ethash — 29 Mh/s;
MTP — 1.8 Mh/s;
Equihash 144.5 — 35 Sol/s;
Equihash 150.5 — 16 Sol/s;
Equihash 125.4 — 26 Sol/s;
X16R — 19 Mh/s;
Grin Cuckarood 29 — 4.5 Gps;
CuckooCycle — 4.5 Gps;
BeamHash — 26.8 sol/s;
CryptoNightR — 500 h/s.

Heraty right there. You can now proceed to the calculation of yield.

The profitability of mining on the GTX and GTX 1660 1660 Ti

To determine the profitability of mining will help calculator 2CryptoCalc. The first test is 1660 GTX 6 GB. Enter heraty and click calculate. Cuckatoo31 off, as for the production of Grin on this algorithm, we need at least 11 GB of memory. The same applies to Equihash, which is occupied powerful ASIC miners. To compete with them using one graphics card pointless.


Excluding electricity derived 48 cents of income when mining Beam. In the middle of the month in the network of cryptocurrency held hardfordto protect it from ASIC miners. Since the coin is regularly in the top yield of mining.

Now, let’s 1660 Ti.


The calculator also recommends digging Beam. However, the projected income above 54 cents.

In a month we get 13.25 dollar income for the GTX and 14.79 1660 — 1660 for GTX Ti. At the exchange rate on 20 Aug 2019 is 883 and 985 rubles, respectively. Today the rate of Beam — 1.49 dollar.

If you don’t know how mine Beam or other cryptocurrencies — no problem. View this short video and all will become clear. Inside there are Russian subtitles.

Return GTX1660 Nvidia GeForce and GTX Ti 1660

Go to Yandex.Market and looking for the minimum price of the mentioned GPUs. Regular GTX 1660 will turn to buy 12 590 rubles — model Palit GeForce GTX 1530MHz 1660 PCI-E 3.0 6144MB 8000MHz.

Source: Yandex.Market

Video card spends 100 W, which in turn in a month 72 kWh With an average rate of 4 rubles for Moscow and St. Petersburg the cost will be 288 rubles, so the net profit per month will decrease to 595 rubles (883 — 288). It turns out, to recoup the card will be for 21 months.

If rates of cryptocurrencies will increase, profits will begin to get faster. For example, during the growth of the market in 2017 payback cards took three months, and this is no surprise.

Now looking for GTX Ti 1660. The most affordable option — ASUS GeForce GTX Ti 1660 1500MHz, PCI-E 3.0 6144MB 12002MHz.

Source: Yandex.Market

Power consumption is 105 W per hour, or 75.6 kWh per month. It 302.4 of the ruble, due to which net income is 682.6 ruble (985 — 302.4). In this case, given the price 16 710 rubles to wait for the payback will have a little more than 24 months. That is orientirueshsya for two years.

Conclusion. What to buy to start mining?

GTX 1660 and 1660 Ti — representatives of the low-end category of cards. Despite this, they are relatively new, so to save on the purchase will fail. Perhaps in this case it is better to buy GTX 1060 3 GB. In mining the same Beam video card gives 20.4 sol/s, which is 15 percent less compared to the normal GTX 1660, but it can be bought for 10 thousand rubles — almost 20 percent of the economy. That is, under constant conditions 1060 3 GB will pay for itself quickly.

Source: Yandex.Market

The former in the use of the model are still at 3-4 thousand cheaper, so here, mining will become profitable earlier.

Source: Avito

In the current market conditions cryptocurrency two-year payback — not a sentence, but it is a normal result. It is important not to forget that after mining graphics card still can be sold.

What cards are you mining? Please share your answers in cryptodata millionaires. There will discuss other details.


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