Mining zcash for – step-by-Step guide: how to make money on the video card

I think anyone who’s even slightly interested in IT topics, I heard about cryptocurrencies and how to earn them. Well, the owners of powerful PC at all at least once, but wondered about the mining on their systems. However, what the novice miner? What cryptocurrency should I choose? These questions are answered by the CEO 2Miners Mikhail Korolev.

Gaming computer – a great investment. With him buy any games and enjoy the process at maximum performance. In addition, no problem punishing opponents who hang at 30 frames per second. But there is a minus. During normal chart to use a PC on purpose is obtained only on the weekends. Other days it is idle and wasting the cost. To rectify the situation and to recapture part of the investment easily.

Let’s start with the choice of a suitable iron. For mining cryptocurrency will fit the latest generation graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 1050/1060/1070/1080 Ti; the AMD – RX 470/480/570/580/Vega. To estimate how many will bring us mining, go to the resource WhatToMine. In the appropriate box, enter the number of our cards (for example, one card GTX 1080 Ti), select the appropriate algorithms and Ethash Equihash and believe.

The service will show us the expected profit for different cryptocurrencies in the penultimate column. Upper figure – income, lower – profit less spending on electricity.


If we look at the sign, we see that with our GTX 1080 Ti, we can expect about two dollars of passive income. Accordingly, if the graphics card is weaker, then the profit will be less. But if you have multiple GPUs, the total profit will be much more.

Now come to the important question – what is the cryptocurrency to choose? It is necessary to analyze the data given in the table above and read about the vending cryptocurrency. For example, take the zcash for (ZEC) – it is the fourth in the table. Today the cryptocurrency is on the 26th place in the world ranking coins with a rate of 250 dollars and a market capitalization at the level of more than $ 984 million.

If you mine alone (called solo-mining), then one solved block to get 10 coins ZEC – $ 2500. Tempting a profit, but you have to understand that to obtain such results is possible only in the presence of 250-300 farms for 8 cards each. And this, in turn, not one thousand of dollars of investment and months of work.

So zcash for mine with a graphics card better on the pools. A mining pool combines several owners of computing capacity and by the successful resolution divides the reward between users. The distribution takes place in accordance with the shares each miner.

Well now the most interesting – a brief guide on how to start mine on a single graphics card.

First we need a wallet to store your cryptocurrency. Full list of programs can be found here. There can their and download.

Next you need to install the program for mining. For NVIDIA it ‘s CUDA EWBF’zcash for minerfor AMD – Claymore’s zcash for AMD GPU Miner.

The final step is to configure .the. bat file (the password for the archive “2miners”). When you start the miner he needs to send the parameters with which it will work. To do this using command line create .a. bat file. Its only purpose is to transfer the mining pool address, account number, farm name, and other options. Edit .bat file by using any text editor.

So, in the end, change is inscribed in .bat your wallet address to your. You need to edit the file /EQUIHASH/AMD/zec-pool.bat for AMD or /EQUIHASH/NVIDIA/zec-pool.bat for NVIDIA. After this, run the file and the mining process went.

Thus, if you don’t want your powerful PC is idle idle can trust him with mining cryptocurrency. To become a novice miner is a GPU, it is better to get the coins in the pools. Well, to start mining, you simply create a wallet and set a few programs.

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