Minister for cyber security Japanese: I didn’t use a computer in my life never

Minister for cyber security of Japan, Yoshitaka Sakurada, and he never used a computer ever in his life seemed clueless on the USB port.

Sakurada 68-year-old said he never used a computer ever in his life because he “entrusted his secretary his own since he was a young man of 25 years,” according to the New York Times. But he was confident that his work “flawlessly” according to The Associated Press.

For the supervision of the Sakurada on securing the Olympics 2020 Tokyo, wrote the newspaper Asahi Japanese Sakurada “showed a lack of understanding of the amazing fundamental issues related to the event” in dialogue after being given the responsibility of cyber security and the Olympics in the reshuffle of October last.

He asked one of the legislators in my capacity as a member of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party Sakurada as an expert about the potential security risks of behind the the use of USB in nuclear power plants, but he seemed puzzled about the question and responded “I don’t know the details, what do you think about the discussion of an expert if this is necessary?”.

The increasing importance of cyber security in recent years around the world and the interest of governments to take its defense needed against hackers and spies make the opposition the Japanese are wondering about the efficiency of the weight the Japanese.

But the newspaper The Guardian quoted a comment that highlights the bright side, the lack of Sakurada skill to use the computer, says” if one decides to hackers targeting the minister Sakurada, you won’t be able to steal any information, which is already the strongest type of security!”.

Source: CNET

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