Minus the million: how a hacker was hacking other people’s phones and stealing cryptocurrency

The loss of mobile communication always involves discomfort. However, this can sometimes mean that you have been hacked. October 26, a resident of San Francisco Robert Ross noticed that his phone suddenly lost the signal. In disbelief he went to the nearest Apple store and then spoke with mobile operator AT&T. Everything would be fine, but he could not prevent the terrible: his account to Coinbase and Gemini lost 500 thousand dollars.

According to the complaint filed in a California court, 27-year-old Nicholas Trulia took a million accounts with cryptocurrency Ross that he was saving for the education of their daughters and kept cryptomeria in dollars. Subsequently Trulia converted all in crypto currencies and translated into their own accounts. According to prosecutors, he also hacked the phones of several leaders from Silicon valley, but was not able to rip them off.

Writes CNBC, the police failed to obtain a warrant, search a luxury apartment Trulli in Manhattan. They got 300 thousand dollars from the hard disk of a computer hacker. However, the remaining stolen money will be harder to track. The hacker was charged with 21 points, including identity theft, fraud, embezzlement and other crimes.

What is remarkable about this story?

Nicholas Trulia. Source: financemagnates.com

Criminal scheme Nicholas Truly came to light two months later after he contacted the police for help. Then four of his friends after a good party at the club forcibly penetrated in the luxury apartment and started to torture Truly hoping to get the password from the crypto.

In the court case were the following wording: Truly said Orso a password on your cryptocurrency wallet, when he drowned him in the bathtub, beaten in the stomach and burned with hot wax. Later friends were charged with burglary. More data look at cryptodata.

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