MIT has created a moving human body robot diagnostician

Various types of robotics finds application in various spheres of our life. Usually, hearing the word “robot”, most of us imagine something large, metallic, moving on legs or treads. There are, however, robots are much smaller. For example, the robot, created by engineers from the media lab at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT). They managed to design a small robot which by means of suction cups attached to the skin and may carry out its diagnostics, identifying the different States.

According to the editors of the Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive and Ubiquitous Technologies, a new robot named Skinbot V and its dimensions are 4 inches in height, 2 in length and 2 in width. Located on the body of the robot suction cups help him without problems to move in the right direction. In addition, Skinbot V is on Board a miniature lamp and a pretty good microscope, the obtained data which can be uploaded to the cloud or directly on the desired device (tablet, smartphone, computer)

After receiving the information, it analyzes the neural network for different skin conditions from psoriasis and the presence of skin parasites to melanoma. Studies have shown that the neural network and the robot pretty well cope with the tasks, and thanks to the microscope, you can identify various States at a very early stage. In addition, a robot with built-in gyro is able to determine how moving is the study plot and on this basis he is able to build a route and choose the most optimal location for fixing.

At the moment the robot has only one weak spot: it gets power through the wire, but the researchers plan to develop Autonomous wireless version in the future. Details to observe the work of the diagnostician with miniature suction cups, you can video, available below.

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