MIT launches online project, where anyone will be able to manage a real person

Experiments that put scientists, not always are monotonous, boring and uninteresting to the public. Sometimes it is quite the opposite. For example, researchers from the Media lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology next week plan to launch an unprecedented project in which anyone can participate in the management of a living person. In the MIT experiment called “the first game in real life,” during which the controlled character will need to defeat out-of-control artificial intelligence program.

The experiment was called BeeMe and under the control of the Internet community will be specially trained actor (the name of which currently are kept secret). As reported by the project Manager Niccolo Pescetelli,

“BeeMe will allow us to understand how we perceive social interactions online and in real life. This will be the first collective experience of its kind and it will provide an opportunity to see how far this can go.”

The plot of the game an evil AI named Zookd accidentally gets on the Internet and only the protagonist can stop him. But without the help of others he can’t handle. The game is “open-ended”, because it may happen that people that will give the actor instructions, you will not be able to complete the task. In this case, “the consequences could be disastrous.”

A screenshot from the project BeeMe. About to watch the game will be spectators

Now a few words about how to manage all these. Participants have 2 options for control. The first is to send simple commands, e.g. “open the door”, “cook coffee”, “run away” and so on. The second is the voting system for certain commands. Once the vote is over and any team would be in the top, it will execute the actor. Superimposed on all this only one restriction: a team must not break the law and generally accepted norms of morality and rules of conduct, and expose the lives of people at risk. Everything else is allowed.

The interface of the project. Menu for writing teams

The voting system

As for the time of the experiment it will be held on November 1 at 6 o’clock in the morning Moscow time and will last for several hours. Anyone with Internet access can try to help to overcome the out-of-control AI. The website BeeMe is already running, but so far there is only flaunts the inscription “How does it feel to be the internet?” and the image of the camera lens.

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