Mitsubishi put the technology of virtual reality in mind as a means of trading stocks in the future


When watching TV programs or movies about trading stocks, they usually are show rooms contain a large number of screens. This is because there are a lot of information that should be tracked, so multi-monitor is necessary if traders hope to stay at the top. Of course, this setting is not possible for those who trade in the region.

However, it seems that the company is trading a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi think it can use virtual reality to help achieve that. Basically, in the virtual reality space is unlimited and non-essential and meaningless, which means that you can create a room virtual contain an infinite number of screens.

The company launches on this concept the name of the VR-STATION, and presented to the public at the exhibition CEATEC 2018 held in Japan as a possible way to cope in the future. We’ve already seen examples on how to use virtual reality to the movies, watch video clips, browse the web, play games, and simulated environments for training, so why not use the virtual reality trading stocks too, right?

We’re not sure whether there are plans by investors and traders rely on the concept of a VR-STATION, but they have a great deal of potential and will not be surprised if it was possible to adapt this concept to serve other purposes in the future.

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