Mobile 4G and 5G allow to monitor the users

One of the trends in the mobile industry this year, about which we often speak – the new generation networks 5G. Any technology, especially if it is new, is exposed to risks from the outside. Not escaped this fate new chipsets to work with the 5G.

Researchers in the field of security just recently discovered the problems associated with a leak in 4G and 5G. With devices that use this technology, it was possible to intercept the data calls and location information.

The first and most important problem received the name Torpedo. It is based on the lack of Protocol paging, which notifies the phone on incoming calls and text messages. If you start and cancel several calls in a short period, you will be able to send paging message, without notifying the device about the call. It not only allows you to track the device’s location, but also opens the opportunity for other types of attacks.

There is the so-called Piercer that allows you to define a unique IMSI number, assigned to each user in the networks of 4G and 5G. This allows you to track calls and location information using devices such as Stingrays, even if you have a brand new smartphone with 5G. Although the range of 4G and 5G across the globe varies within wide limits, recently discovered vulnerabilities can affect most of them.

To address the vulnerabilities the researchers discovered their researchers, it will take some time. Despite the fact that while use cases discovered vulnerabilities were not, and the patch to address these bugs already in development, the risk of becoming a victim of hackers, understand the technology, is still there.

What do you think about next generation networks? Do they need us right now, or difference with the same 3G no?

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