Mod night coming WhatsApp

المود الليلي قادم لتطبيق واتس آب
Mod night coming WhatsApp

According to a tweet from stand-up news, stand WhatsApp famous owned network Facebook since 2014, in a deal totaling $ 19 million, according to this tweet : mod night coming of WhatsApp.

Mode night one of the most important advantages are lost in the application of the instant Famous, which reached the number of users to 1.4 million users in the last number .

Twitter did not refer only to these water management initiated the application in action already, to copy to my Android Apple TV from the app, without reference to any time limits for implementation .

Previously, for several applications serves to provide modern night official such as Twitter and finally YouTube application .

Will help skin dark or mod night to comment on the use it easily in low light conditions or at night .

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