Mode speed for Gimli to come to all users of the G Suite next month

الوضع السري لبريد جيميل قادم لجميع مستخدمي G Suite الشهر القادمsituation secret for Gimli to come to all users of the G Suite next month

The situation or Secret (Confidential mode) was one of the security features that were introduced as part of the re-designed Mail Gmail famous on the web last year.

This feature has been launched for consumers first, and will come to all users of the G Suite of the institutions in the next month according to what has been announced today .

With the secret mode, the disable forwarding, copying, printing and downloading messages by default, as senders can add an expiration date for emails that range from one day to five years.


For more security, you can also claim the recipient to authenticate themselves through a passcode to SMS before reading.

Starting from 25 June, will become the Secret Mode is generally available and is enabled by default for all users, and therefore accounts for free soon .

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