Model Chinese search engine of Google, links Results numbers users

نموذج محرك البحث الصيني من قوقل يربط النتائج بأرقام المستخدمين

Appeared a lot of differences in the period that spread the experience of the work of the team of Google search engine under the control of the Chinese government, which raised the ire of some human rights organizations has also led to the need of 1,000 employees from the company itself on this decision.

In a new development revealed the location of The Intercept to the current model search engine that has built Google in China connects searches with the telephone number of the user, in order to facilitate the control of the Chinese government for content and people within the policies of the regime and the Chinese situation, to identify and remove any sensitive information, may, information about political rivals or peaceful demonstrations and the contents of the special democracy and Human Rights.

Cook on engine Google Chinese Dragonfly “DragonFly”, has been designed specifically for phones running the Android platform, revealed that The Intercept also on Friday details of the plan of Google which included terms put in the black list of the engine, such as the need of the students and the Nobel Prize and Human Rights, this raised the ire of many human rights institutions which were adopted to the company’s contribution complicit in human rights violations as a result of the policy followed in the construction of the engine according to the wishes of the Chinese system.

In addition to Google is associating the application’s search engine in Android systems with the telephone number of the user, there are some informed sources say that the engine also says to provide the results of the proportion of environmental pollution in China’s cities, and its from an unknown source according to the wishes of Beijing, in order to show results less than the truth is the proportion of pollution and toxic gases in the air.

And you didn’t know Google on this officially since the beginning of the departure information about their new browser to the public, despite the availability of many other human rights institutions and the law recently with her and show their concern for the Dragonfly, but it is clear that the decision makers at Google today, their focus is to put forward them from new in the Chinese market no matter what, and for five of the world’s population who are deprived of pounds in profits since their exit from China in 2010.

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