Model + Paint + Dark Studio. Godox QT600IIm and QT400IIm

Godox QT600IIm and QT400IIm is a monoblock flashes that have the ability to high-speed sync HSS up to 1/8000сек and provided with a regime of short pulses (High-Speed Flash) to 1/28984сек for QT600IIm and up to 1/35086сек for QT400IIm, and when working at medium power levels allow you to shoot at up to 10 frames/sec. The devices allow you to adjust the level of the power output range from 1/1 to 1/128. Brightness 150-watt pilot lamp can be varied 100% to 5%.

Buy flash Godox QT600IIm and QT400IIm HERE.

Photos from the shooting:

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