Modem Intel the fifth generation won’t support the iPhone before 2020

مودم إنتل للجيل الخامس لن يدعم الآيفون قبل عام 2020

In the time that promise by Intel to be the modem, its fifth-generation on a number of models of phones for the current year, it appears that the company will not be able effectively to include his phones during the year, which means that Apple will not launch iPhone 5G this year to say the least if I thought the modem intel without resorting to alternatives from other companies.

Which seems to be in the details where indicated report of Reuters to make the Apple TV a number of discussions about modem fifth generation with both MediaTek and Samsung to use the modem within the components of the iPad for the current year, but it is unclear what the outcome of the negotiations of the company conditions to the modem.

And taking into account that the next few months you will really feel smart phones of the fifth generation begins to consumers in their acquisition in the areas of supported communication networks-compliant, which means that the Apple TV will be delayed almost a year for a number of other companies in this race; if they are adopted separately for modem intel, you won’t see the iPhone 5G until 2020.

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