Modems 5G of the company Intel will make their way to smartphones until the year 2020

In November 2017, Intel announced substantial advances in its wireless product roadmap to accelerate the adoption of 5G. Intel’s early 5G silicon, the Intel® 5G Modem announced at CES 2017, is now successfully making calls over the 28GHz band. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

Qualcomm is without a doubt the market of information compatible with the 5G. It is expected that the designed Intel hat in the ring too, but unfortunately it seems that the first season is compatible with 5G from Intel won’t come until 2020, which means that it won’t have had any choice but to abandon market share to Qualcomm for the whole year.

This according to a new report released recently from the Wall Street Journal of America reveals that Intel will ship the modem 5G its own later this year, however, the company does not expect to see this season making its way to smartphones until the year 2020. What is interesting is that we’ve already heard that Apple will launch iPhone first compatible with the 5G until 2020, which coincides with the last report.

At the same time, we also heard rumors that Apple may not use the modem 5G which will be used in the iPhones own Intel. As you probably know, the company Apple already use a modem of Intel in some models of the current iPhone, but recent reports suggest that Apple is looking to get rid of Intel and on the design of the information.

Moreover, it has also rumoured that Apple is in talks with companies like Samsung and MediaTek use the modem and 5G of the latter in the iPhone next. However, it is not clear whether the schedule Intel will have an impact on the plans of Apple. Generally, we will have to wait until 2020 to find out.


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