Modest growth in the PC market during the second quarter

PC market is recovering very slowly, so that shipments of manufacturers for the second quarter grew by about 1.5% only and that is a good rate compared to long through the years and even the recent reception.

According to figures research firm Gartner, the updates to Windows 10 have contributed to this growth but it probably won’t continue. While the trade war between China and the United States did not affect after this shipments being not applied tariffs on computers, but if received they will be reflected clearly on the decline of shipments to the United States.

For the figures the company shipped 63 million PCs in the second quarter and Lenovo rising, then came corporate America HP, DELL, and Apple TV in the centres fifth and sixth was Taiwan’s two Acer and Asus.

Comparing the second quarter of this year with last year it was Lenovo’s top growth while the Aesir highest decline in total, most companies fell its shipments, but significant growth in shipments to Lenovo instead of the difference, in total the company shipped during the same quarter of last year, about 62 million units.

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