“MOFT”.. lock-fingerprint to keep your bag from theft

Why concern ourselves with the need to buy a bag with a key in order to keep their contents from theft and loss, and what is the solution if some of the bags have no locks or keys, what is the benefit of closing the bag if someone can carry it fully and run it without opening them in their place.

If the answer to all those questions comes from simple innovation but it is very important, it’s a lock “iMovie” MOFT that the work of the imprint of the finger, and closing off any bag of any kind to preserve their contents, via a strong cord of steel length of 1 meters, and can also restrict the bag in any metal stand in any place, as the train and wait.

And did not leave the creators of lock “iMovie” MOFT their innovation without providing him with a warning sound as a means of very, very good at preventing theft, when someone tries to tamper with it, apply siren high to suit everyone, besides he works as a scout lighting of the type “Leeds” also LED to further interest.

And can battery lock bags “iMovie” to work for almost two years, as a raw lock is made of high endurance and quality, which makes the cooperation of the thief screwed up, is not going to work.

Successfully campaign financing lock “iMovie” in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, and is available for purchase through the website priced at $ 79 (1,400 pounds).

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