Monitor phone Huawei next MATE 30 PRO in vivid images

One of the users of Weibo leaks catalog the neighborhood is referred to as compensation for the Huawei MATE 30 PRO which is already running several leaks in the recent period.

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Stop the leaks that reveal the specification and design of the phones Mate 30, where they paraded previous leaks many specifications available versions Mate next 30 years, however, the design of the phones is not confirmed so far.

I have indicated leaks picture for Screen Protection your phones Mate 30 on the design of the distinctive built Women top in the screen, which is confirmed by the live images that have been spotted today on Weibo, which is referred to as back phone Mate 30 Pro.

And the sound on the phone referred to that unit Huawei phone Mate 30 Pro which is being previewed through one of the users in China, where they test some of the accessories terminal on the phone.

As it appears in the photo preview of the two units Mate 30 Pro with two modular phone Mate 20 X, also monitor the conduct of users calls voice over the phone units, where the projections indicate that the units in stage a preview performance of the contacts in the phones and coverage in public transport.

From another side shows phone Mate 30 the portfolio to obscure the design of the phone before releasing it to the design of the final officially, so you may get back the sound already phone Mate 30 Pro associated.

Also reveal the pictures about the design of the curved screen of the phone, where the bend in the screen of the new version of the series Mate 30 boy’s bow higher than the models provided by Huawei in 2018, it also comes extrusion the top in the screen Mate 30 Pro size smaller than the extrusion possible for Mate 20 Pro, so you won’t features phone sensor 3D recognition technology on the face.

Recall that Huawei is planning to hold a conference for the official announcement about phones Mate 30 in a few months from now, so we might see new changes in the design when the official announcement of the phones.


I know of

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