Monitor phone OnePlus 7T in Geekbench running Android 10

Published CEO OnePlus recently the first official images of the phone OnePlus 7T, and today the phone appears in the leaks Geekbench revealing some of the specifications of the phone.

Shown official images of the phone OnePlus 7T design ring for the rear that includes the settings in the camera, as the back design of the phone glass drop earrings in Blue who saved the world to the dark tone in the upper part of the background, while painting the other with light in the bottom.

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In leaks Geekbench published today came phone Geekbench model number HD1903, where the phone RAM to 8 GB RAM, with Android operating system 10 also achieved in the tests, the results of the relatively higher of the phone OnePlus 7 with Snapdragon 855, which includes the new version of the chip Snapdragon processor 855 Plus.

On the other hand, monitoring phone OnePlus 7T in leaks catalog design, head for the hidden that come settings quad camera back with a sensor ToF extra for the main version, while showing the camera the front design pop-up.

Recall that the company OnePlus is preparing to launch the device OnePlus TV during the events of the OnePlus 7T mounted in the India on the 26th of September, as happened last to launch the phone globally in the city of London on the 10th of October.


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