Monitor phone Pixel 4 XL 5G at new leaks from the benchmark

Came new leaks today via the benchmark to reveal more details about the Google phone associated with Pixel 4 XL 5G, where the phone comes memory random 8 GB RAM.

Stop the leaks that provide more details about the phones Google coming from a Pixel 4, and in new leaks today revealed two models of phone Pixel 4 XL, where features of the first model memory random 6 GB RAM, and also model memory random 8 GB RAM.

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Include to that model which features memory random 8 GB RAM is Pixel 4 XL 5G version of Google’s first that comes with support for fifth-generation networks, where the monitoring of the phone in Geekbench today, it is expected that this version of the chip Snapdragon processor 855 Plus from Qualcomm.

Recall that the company Google is preparing to hold its next conference on the 15th of October for the official announcement about the series phones Pixel 4, so we expect to disclose Google’s plans in the versions this year, and if the version of the 5G is one of the versions of the article advertised or is the version of the last of a series of Pixel 4 plan on Google’s official announcement in 2020.


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