Monitor phones Galaxy A6 +Galaxy A6 in the platform performance tests

Galaxy Note 8

Coverage of the series phones Galaxy A Series to a different range of sizes of smart phones, ranging from small phones up to Big phones, but contain gaps, there are Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7, but there is no Galaxy A6. Or there is this phone, because it has recently been monitoring the phone of Samsung Exhibit code names SM-A600FN and SM-A605G in the platform performance tests Geekbench.

If keep Samsung on the registry system of the usual, you’ll up those phones to the market under the names Galaxy A6 +Galaxy A6 in the hope that is attached to these names a year all to maintain the consistency of things. Regardless of names, it has been monitoring phone, the Galaxy A6 features processor Octa-core Exynos 7870 we’ve seen previously on the Galaxy A3 2017, and in many of phones, Galaxy J Series with the knowledge that this processor includes eight cores Cortex-A53, processor and graphics of category Mali-T830 MP1.

Just like the Galaxy J8 2018, which leaked recently, the phone +Galaxy A6 processor uses a Snapdragon 625, processor and graphics Adreno 505. Moreover, this phone features 4GB of RAM, while the Galaxy A6 towards 3GB of RAM. It should be noted that both phones are working already with Android 8.0 Oreo.

As is the case with the Galaxy J8 +Galaxy J8, it has been perform all the therapists are identical. It’s just a matter of having the appropriate season for the region. Must be the version which includes the code name SM-A600FN is the global version, while will be the version which includes the code name SM-A605G probably to South America and other parts of Asia. Don’t worry, you should be there are also working women and women that carry the code name SM-A600FN, although availability may be limited more compared to other fabric.

Unlike the Galaxy J8, you must come series phones Galaxy A Series new with screen Infinity Display. Since we didn’t get the Galaxy S7 Mini or Galaxy S8 Mini or Galaxy S9 Mini, lost we get in the end the Galaxy A6.



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