Monitoring of new evidence is suggesting for the coming of a new generation of the iPod Touch later this year


Didn’t Apple launch a new generation of the iPod several years ago, it was surprising to know that Apple are already thinking in the launch of the iPod Touch New after four years of the launch of the last generation. There seems to be evidence that the previous rumors were true, because according to the developer-old Steve Troughton-Smith, he seems to have succeeded in monitoring some of the evidence for the coming of a new generation of iPod Touch in the demo version the latest of iOS 12.2.

According to the findings, it appears that the new generation of iPod Touch will be normal, it seems that it would only happen on a simple upgrade at the level of the technical specifications, because the evidence that was monitored did not remember anything about the Face ID or Touch ID. This is surprising to some extent considering that the sensor of the fingerprint Touch ID to link Apple TV devices since the year 2013 with the phone iPhone 5S, so you might think that the new generation of iPod Touch will get this sensor in 2019.

However, it is likely that Apple decided not to include this sensor in the iPod Touch new as they mature to this device that the media player more than one device may contain sensitive information, which makes providing him with Touch ID or Face ID is not necessary. Add to that that step will also help in reducing costs, especially in current times where they are no longer music players is necessary.

Revealed Steve Troughton-Smith also iPad and iPad Mini next will not include a turn facial recognition technology Face ID. Unfortunately, we don’t have currently any information about when the company plans it to launch all these devices, but we will continue to watch the situation and be sure that we’ll let you know once this occurs.


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