Monitoring the content of the two are running ads hidden video using a smartphone’s battery

Xiaomi-Mi-Band-2 laptop

Have you ever wondered about the reason for the entry into force of the battery of your smartphone in the middle of the day? May be so linked to the application has been programmed badly, display advertising fraudulent without your knowledge. According to buy Protected Media specialized in the monitoring of fraud, has been monitoring Ad Stacking in some of the source code provided by the company Aniview specialized in the technique of advertising. Know Ad Stacking is basically one ad, but in the background is running several videos at the same time, which destroys battery life.

This type of fraud doesn’t hurt your unit to the degree that data your internet, but it also hurts the companies that pay for impressions and hits, in addition to applications and platforms that you are buying and selling ad space for smart phones. Is to tell advertisers that people are watching your videos, but there is no response to adequate what we have to pay more.

Call Craig Silverman, a reporter at the site BuzzFeed News, a company Aniview Zionist-run platform video ads. Denied Alon Carmel, CEO of the company to be a company involved in it and said that it was the creation of source code by a third-party exploitation by another party. In the video above, you can see that there are several videos are hidden behind the ads for McDonald’s and Michael Kors.

Rejection of the reporter label of the application or the owner, often due to the probability that the developer is not aware of this. If there is applied to cause the drain the battery of your smart phone, consider uninstalling it and inform the developers before more people their smartphones as victims of such fraud.

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