Monitoring the tablet device from Acer ChromeOS in the International Exhibition


By knowing the educational technology Bett 2018 held last week in the British capital London, saw the need Alister Payne a new tablet from Acer ChromeOS of Google company which makes it one of the first tablet devices that were created to run the system ChromeOS of Google. However, the company Acer has not made any official announcement or information about the specifications and other details relating to this tablet so far.

But thanks to the image of Alister Payne, we can see that the tablet works by system ChromeOS, it is hoped that joins a large number of computers Chromebook and Chromebox are currently available with the science that has been detected most recently at CES CES 2018, which was held early this month in Las Vegas, USA.

Using photo as a guide, it seems that the tablet is equipped with a screen with a size of 8 inches and the width to Height 3:4, although the screen resolution and processing power are still unknown at the moment. This may be a tablet able to run Android apps which makes it tablet versatile able to provide all features of Android and ChromeOS users.

Unfortunately, has not yet issued any information on price or availability at the global level for this device is the new tablet from Acer, but as soon as information comes to light, we’ll let you know. as usual always.



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