Monitoring vulnerability in TP-Link Wi-Fi extender lead to the control of the hackers the full

Confirmed a team of researchers of IBM to modules expand the network by TP-Link comes to a security vulnerability a big lead to control hackers fully in the network, with the possibility of hacking the privacy of users.

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Come units to expand the network from TP-Link support users in a wider coverage signals, Wi-Fi, but that team of been in the IBM revealed a security flaw in

Devices TP-Link Wi-Fi extender you may need to correct operation of the software appliance to secure your devices from hacking the hackers.

Can hackers full control in units of TP-Link Wi-Fi extender via the security vulnerability, and then redirect the signals to Wi-Fi with malware.

Devices are used to expand networks often distribute signals to a Wi-Fi network between intelligent devices or rely on internet connectivity such as surveillance cameras.

Also include modules to expand the network that comes the vulnerability of security all of RE365, and RE650, andRE350, and also RE500, where the US has equal to be in the range of networks Wi-Fi to hack, requires hacking the unit to send a request HTTP to contact the equal loneliness and the full control and guidance signals, Wi-Fi, also will be on equal know the IP of your unit Wi-Fi extender that will be available often across a lot of smart devices in the home.


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