Monitoring wireless charger capacity 30W of Huawei in leaks from the FCC

A report published during the financial period that the group Mate 30 from Huawei will support wireless charging technology strongly 25 watts, and I have confirmed the leak came from the database of the FCC on Huawei plans to launch a wireless charger strongly 30W soon.

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The documents show that the shipper was coming strongly at 30 watts and not 25 watts only, however, it has not been approved for this demand fully because of the inability of the shipper to meet the requirements of energy production strongly 30 watts.

It is likely that the company will continue with the 25 watt if you can Huawei provide unit improved another they can produce a power of 30 kW prior to the issuance of the group Mate 30, except that the details confirmed refer to an upgrade in wireless charging apply with series Mate 30 soon.


I know of

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