Mophie reveal a card of the new mobile is equipped with cable Lightning


The firm Mophie unveiled today a new series of Portable Battery Chargers under the name of the Mophie Powerstation. There are four models price ranges between 60 and 100 USD note that the style the greatest features a battery with a capacity of 10000mAh cable Lightning ROM. Furthermore, these batteries include the entrance to the Lightning, the dangers of USB-A, come diverse colors different.

Besides, there is also a LED indicator tells you how much remaining energy in the battery when you press the small button. Furthermore, the company Mophie to charge the batteries in New portable include a lithium polymer battery under test triangular, which ” ensures the highest level of performance and safe “. Enjoying the Portable Battery Chargers are new with the ability to give priority to charging the battery of the portable instead of charging the latter first.

When it comes to specifications, all portable batteries four new You charge devices up to 10 watts. While the style of the smaller of the batteries Mophie Powerstation new weighs 152 grams, the style the largest, which features 10000mAh battery weighs 260 grams. And your portable batteries the same new design and similar in size, ranging in length from 119 to 140 mm, which makes it solvable easily.

Regardless of the official store to buy the Mophie, the battery Mophie Powerstation portable new exclusive follow Apple, both the company store on the Internet or retail stores, the company’s actual.



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