More analysts are retreating from their initial sales of iPhone X, they stress the demand of community

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The recently released report of the new site CNBC reveals some details about the expectations of the financial institution J. P. Morgan the sales of iPhone in the year 2018. And Bill Peterson Foundation J. P. Morgan made it clear that partners, researchers in Asia have lowered their estimates for sales of iPhone in the first and second quarters of this year.

As a result, reduction analysts their expectations for units of iPhone X that will be produced from 60 million units to 5 million units in the first quarter of 2018, and 50 million units to 45 million units in the third quarter. Supplier companies that supply Apple with components, these phones rely heavily on sales of the Apple TV to cover their expenses.

With regard to these suppliers, it has stated analyst Bill Peterson said : ” it is still a business not related to the mobile devices of these companies are strong, but not enough to overcome the weak demand for phones Apple TV “.

Smartphones become more expensive each year, and in 2017, were issued to the two phones the iPhone X and the Galaxy Note 8 at exorbitant prices too. However, the frequencies between generations are not as it appeared in the former. Everyone has their smart phones in their pockets these days, and even smart phones that were released two years ago still work just fine.

This combination of limitations of the Director, The lower case of smart phones, combined with higher prices for high-end smartphones, will lead us to stagnation inevitable or slowing demand for smart phones. In our opinion, the company LG-by-step smart by deciding not to issue a new flagship phone every year, and instead in the year 2018 to issue some updated version of the smartphone that the issue in 2017.


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