More applications are trying to avoid fees the Google Play Store

The Tinder application seen displayed on a Sony smartphone

If you distribute the application on the Google Play Store contains some of the elements rechargeable, it is better to believe that Google take a percentage of your earnings. Company reserves the right to Google 30% of all financial transactions made within apps distributed through the Google Play Store. However, some companies find a solution therefore, is considered to Match the Group that stands behind the application of dating famous Tinder the latest company to do so.

According to a report released recently from the news agency poor that in an effort to avoid the withholding of Google company ratio of 30% of its revenue from the Tinder app on the Android platform, the company will Match a Group to encourage users to enter details of their credit card directly in the systems of Tinder. This is something we saw a company of Epic Games which is behind the game Fortnite play. Instead of distributing the game Fortnite for Android on the Google Play Store, the company Epic Games to provide the game for download in its official website on the internet to avoid the withholding of Google company ratio of 30 percent of the proceeds of the game on the Android platform.

The report states that once users enter their credit card details in the systems of Tinder, the app will choose this payment method by default for all in-app purchases, this will allow for Tinder plans payment system in the Google Play Store, this will lead in turn to avoid paying a percentage of the proceeds to buy Google.

On this subject, stated the spokesperson in the name of the company Match Goup, Ms. Justine Sacco said : ” in the Match Group, we always test updates and new features to provide convenience and choice for our users. We will always try to provide options for the benefit of its experience and to provide payment options one example of that. “

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